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March of the Penguins(La Marche de l'empereur)

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France · 2005
Rated G · 1h 20m
Director Luc Jacquet
Starring Charles Berling, Romane Bohringer, Jules Sitruk, Morgan Freeman
Genre Documentary, Family

Flocks of thousands of young emperor penguins trek 70 miles across Antarctica each year, making their way to their breeding ground. Together they face perilous storms and dangerous predators, all to ensure the safety of their chicks.

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What are critics saying?


USA Today by Claudia Puig

A cinematic experience that is dazzlingly different from anything currently in theaters, March of the Penguins captivates with its straightforward but powerful story of dogged determination, survival against harsh odds and sacrifice.


Entertainment Weekly by Lisa Schwarzbaum

Luc Jacquet's exquisitely shot eye-of-God study of a year in the lives of these distinctive birds is a nature film built with a feel for the epic and a love of operatic narrative.


The A.V. Club by Nathan Rabin

The glacially beautiful new documentary March Of The Penguins confirms that no computer-animated or hand-drawn penguin could ever match the curious majesty of the genuine article.

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