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France · 2012
1h 19m
Director Sophie Lellouche
Starring Alice Taglioni, Patrick Bruel, Marine Delterme, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing
Genre Comedy, Romance

In Paris, the pharmacist Alice has been an obsessed Woody Allen fan since she was fifteen and has seen all his movies and talks to him alone in her room. When she meets Pierre in a night-club, she finds that he loves jazz and she believes he is her prince charming. But when Pierre sees Alice's sister Hélène, they immediately fall in love with each other and marry each other. Years later, Alice is a spinster that administrates the pharmacy that belonged to her father and believes that movies can heal many diseases. However her father insistently tries to find a husband for her. When the alarm technician Victor meets Alice, she does not see any future relationship with him. But one day, Victor brings Alice to meet Woody Allen in Paris and the director gives an advice to Alice. [Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

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Variety by

This update-cum-ripoff might be aiming for witty and romantic, but it’s mostly a hollow, rambling effort leavened with some stargazing.


The Guardian by Andrew Pulver

By itself, this would just be one of those workmanlike relationship films the French turn out by the yard; but all the Allen stuff throws its mediocrity into sharp relief.


New York Post by Farran Smith Nehme

There’s a good cinephile heart beating under this fluffy story. But Lellouche, in making her homage to Allen, left out one of his essential qualities: bite. Paris-Manhattan drifts by and never leaves a single toothmark.


The Hollywood Reporter by John DeFore

Pretty, occasionally witty and not believable for a moment, Sophie Lellouche's Paris-Manhattan is suffused with fannish love for Woody Allen's films but hardly lives up to their legacy.


Total Film by Tom Dawson

Sophie Lellouche’s slick debut is chock-full of Woody-com quotes and references, yet it remains an inconsequential, undernourished trifle that does sod-all with its potential.

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