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Son of Monarchs(Hijo de monarcas)

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Mexico, United States · 2020
1h 37m
Director Alexis Gambis
Starring Tenoch Huerta, Kaarlo Isaacs Barria, Noé Hernández, Angel Adrian Flores
Genre Drama

Mendel is a Mexican biologist who lives in NYC but is preparing to return home following the death of his grandmother. His home is nestled in the otherworldly Monarch butterfly forests of Michoacán, and his travels prompt an intensely inquisitive personal journey, a reflection on his hybrid identity.

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What are critics saying?


The Film Stage by

Despite some pacing issues, Son of Monarchs serves as a heartbreakingly layered depiction of an immigrant’s journey to rediscover a fractured identity.


TheWrap by Carlos Aguilar

As it traverses the sacred and the factual, the film intently portrays the liminal space anyone who’s ever left home knows well. It’s the threshold between the person you were, who you’ve become, and how the two halves are at odds mutating into a unique color, a new prism-like worldview.


Screen Daily by Jonathan Romney

Rather like the butterfly wings that are its central metaphor, Son of Monarchs is deceptively fragile-seeming, yet robust, structurally complex and vibrantly hued.


IndieWire by Jude Dry

In Son of Monarchs, Gambis has mapped the butterflies’ migratory paths and genetic patterns onto Mendel’s search for belonging. It’s an inspired blend of science and narrative, and an affecting allegory emerges from the unique imagery.

63 by Nick Allen

Son of Monarchs, which is driven by mood as much as it is a metaphor that it can’t get enough of, embodies the equal ambition and shortcomings of a writer/director trying feel their way through science, while having as minimal a narrative as possible.

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