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Election 2(黑社會2以和為貴)

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Hong Kong · 2006
1h 32m
Director Johnnie To
Starring Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Simon Yam, Nick Cheung, Gordon Lam
Genre Crime, Drama

Triad elections are approaching, and current chairman Lok faces tough competition from his godson’s, provoking him to contemplate breaking tradition and run for re-election. Meanwhile, Jimmy is trying to retire as a triad member and become a legitimate businessman, as he works on his relationship with business people in mainland China. Who will face reality first?

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What are critics saying?


Chicago Reader by

As in the first movie, To deftly references the "Godfather" trilogy, examining the moral equivocation and shifting alliances among various syndicate members.


Salon by Andrew O'Hehir

In To's movies no one is innocent, and the social corruption has reached down to the soul. He orchestrates action scenes with an elegance that suggests Scorsese.

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