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The Reef: Stalked

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Australia · 2022
1h 33m
Director Andrew Traucki
Starring Teressa Liane, Ann Truong, Saskia Archer, Kate Lister
Genre Thriller, Horror

In an effort to heal after witnessing her sister’s horrific murder, Nic travels to a tropical resort with her friends for a kayaking and diving adventure. Only hours into their expedition, the women are stalked and then attacked by a great white shark. To survive they will need to band together and Nic will have to overcome her post-traumatic stress, face her fears and slay the monster.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


The Guardian by Leslie Felperin

Traucki manipulates the suspense competently enough, but this film mostly depends on tedious jump-scares for its effect, and has a few too many scenes where someone looks around in terror at the water with a worried expression.


IGN by Matt Donato

The Reef: Stalked is another middling mid-budget fin flick that’s tonally confused somewhere between Shark Week and Lifetime.


Los Angeles Times by Noel Murray

Overall, the action here isn’t as taut as it was in “The Reef,” and the shark effects aren’t as impressive. Still, for the most part the movie delivers what it promises.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

The best movies like this do a much better job of selling the building terror, the fear of a gruesome injury or death by being eaten alive– drowning in the process.

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