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Ex Drummer

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Belgium, France, Italy · 2007
1h 41m
Director Koen Mortier
Starring Dries Van Hegen, Gunter Lamoot, Norman Baert, Sam Louwyck
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller

When three physically disabled rock musicians decide to form a band, they ask Dries, a famous writer, to be their drummer – even though he can’t play the drums. When Dries starts manipulating the other band members to find their weaknesses, the band’s fragile future is threatened by discord and interpersonal feuds.

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What are critics saying?


Variety by

Signaling a new low in post-modern smug superiority, Ex Drummer tries to pass off contempt as comedy and slanted lensing as creativity.


Empire by David Parkinson

This grungy anti-musical will offend just about everyone with its attitude towards women, gays, kids, and the elderly.


The New York Times by Mike Hale

As the not-so-comic violence and the violent, misogynistic sex pile up, it becomes the kind of black humor in which the joke is largely on the audience.


Village Voice by Nicolas Rapold

The flashy adaptation of the book by aging Belgian provocateur Herman Brusselmans is as systematically offensive and boisterously vulgar as its degenerate punk protagonists.

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