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The Host(괴물)

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Rated R • 2h 0m

Director Bong Joon-ho

Starring Song Kang-ho, Byun Hee-bong, Park Hae-il, Bae Doo-na

Genre Horror, Drama, Science Fiction

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A man sets out to rescue his daughter after she is taken by a horrific monster wreaking material and biological havoc on South Korea. The man develops symptoms of a newly-discovered virus transmitted through contact with the creature, and is forced into government-observed quarantine. His family must break him out so they can embark on the rescue mission together.


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Meagen Tajalle Profile picture for Meagen Tajalle

The Host successfully keeps you on the edge of your seat with mounting stakes and suspense, but despite being a monster movie it never loses sight of the humanity of its main characters and the universality of the protagonist's mission to rescue his daughter, even if it means sacrificing himself. The creature sets in motion the events of the film, but at its core this story is about family. Social commentary is also seamlessly weaved into the fabric of this script, and all around The Host is a must-watch.

Avery Herman Profile picture for Avery Herman

Bong Jon Hoo's monster movie is somehow both intentional and unpredictable. It is a thrilling ride full of twists and turns, that succeeds in not only providing action and entertainment but having a script and a screenplay that it can be proud of.

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The Hollywood Reporter by

Bong has pulled together a multilayered horror-drama that works more often than not. The film gets back on track after a clumsy middle section that's too long and finishes strong, and Bong fans, horror fans and Asiaphiles are likely to be thoroughly satisfied.

Salon by Andrew O'Hehir

A thrilling ride and a sometimes dry, sometimes sweet comedy, but beneath all that is a humane and tragic view of life worthy of the greatest films. Even those without rubber monsters.

New York Magazine (Vulture) by David Edelstein

The Host packs a lot into its two tumultuous hours: lyrically disgusting special effects, hair-raising chases, outlandish political satire, and best of all, a dysfunctional-family psychodrama--an odyssey that's like a grisly reworking of "Little Miss Sunshine."

Variety by Derek Elley

On almost every level, there's never quite been a monster movie like The Host. Egregiously subverting its own genre while still delivering shocks at a pure genre level, and marbled with straight-faced character humor that constantly throws the viewer off balance.

L.A. Weekly by Ella Taylor

The Host is a miracle of breathless play with form and tone that also seethes with attitude and ideas, from pure movie love to pointed sociopolitical commentary to a bleak existentialism about the inherent cruelty of our world.

Premiere by Glenn Kenny

When the movie isn't being scary, it's crazily funny, so much so that critical watchers will wonder if Bong might tilt the balance of the picture too far in a comic direction and water down the scares. He doesn't.

Village Voice by J. Hoberman

Gross-out horror is never far from comedy and The Host, Bong Joon-ho's giddy creature feature, has an anarchic mess factor worthy of a pile of old "Mad" magazines.


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