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The Duke

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United Kingdom · 2021
1h 36m
Director Roger Michell
Starring Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren, Matthew Goode, Aimee Kelly
Genre Drama

In 1961, Kempton Bunton, a 60-year-old taxi driver, stole a Goya portrait from the National Gallery in London. Kempton sent ransom notes saying that he would return the painting only if the government agreed to provide television for free to the elderly. What happened next became the stuff of legends.

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What are critics saying?


Variety by Guy Lodge

The Duke is a romp first and foremost: Michell’s merry direction makes sure of that. But its stars put a small, dignified lump in its throat.


The Playlist by Jessica Kiang

You could dine on nothing but lard for twenty years and still not develop the hardness of heart necessary to avoid being won over by Roger Michell‘s The Duke, a ridiculously charming British comedy that dunks a gamely accented prestige cast into an appealingly milky true story like so many digestives into a warm, well-earned, early evening cuppa.


IndieWire by Nicholas Barber

If you suspect The Duke is on the cosy and nostalgic side of the cinematic spectrum, you might be right. But it’s such an expertly crafted and highly polished piece of warmhearted escapism that it’s difficult to resist.

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