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Canada, United States · 2018
Rated R · 1h 45m
Director Matthew Ross
Starring Keanu Reeves, Ana Ularu, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Boris Gulyarin
Genre Crime, Romance, Thriller

Lucas, a diamond trader who travels to Saint Petersburg to arrange a sale, discovers that his Russian business partner has left his hotel and gone to a small Siberian village, so Lucas also heads there to try find him.

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What are critics saying?


IndieWire by David Ehrlich

The result is a dull and deeply compromised movie that would rather be a mediocre crime saga than a nuanced character study, but can’t quite bring itself to commit to that choice.


Slant Magazine by Jake Cole

The film has the tone and look of a direct-to-video feature, and some shots of Keanu Reeves are so waxen that the actor almost looks rotoscoped.


Los Angeles Times by Kenneth Turan

Despite its pro-forma nature, the setup for Siberia — a lone hero in over his head in an unfamiliar world — actually starts out well but refuses to play out in satisfying ways.


Observer by Rex Reed

Everything is tenuous, including a performance by Keanu Reeves that borders on catatonia. Just because he stopped shaving doesn’t mean he can suddenly act.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Siberia slogs along like the failed pilot for a poorly-thought out cable series, one with Eastern European development incentives but without enough drama, incident, intrigue or plot to justify its running time.

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