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The Cordillera of Dreams(La Cordillère des songes)

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Chile, France · 2019
1h 24m
Director Patricio Guzmán
Genre Documentary

After having left to escape the brutality of the Pinochet regime, documentarian Patricio Guzmán returns to Chile to embark on a journey of cinematic self-reflection, examining the fraught political and personal histories of the country with the Andean Cordillera as its conceptual backbone.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


The Hollywood Reporter by Deborah Young

In and of itself, it is a mournfully intelligent, poetic documentary that once more seeks to link the vastness, grandeur and indifference of nature with the human horrors that Chileans have lived through. The search for meaning is so personal here (Guzman narrates most of the film in the first person) and so difficult that it is often heart-rending.


Slant Magazine by Ed Gonzalez

For Patricio Guzmán, to gaze at the Cordillera is to comprehend the range of history and the possibility of its distortion.


Variety by Jessica Kiang

Taken as a completed project, Guzmán’s late-career trinity is a stunning achievement in the cinema of the hidden pattern and the startling, unexpected connection.


Los Angeles Times by Justin Chang

Contemplative, analytical and troubling, this is a nature film refracted through a historical trauma, a compilation of visual wonders that doubles as an act of remembrance.


CineVue by Martyn Conterio

The Cordillera of Dreams is a stirring look at a nation still recovering from the brutalisation meted out by General Pinochet’s callous and paranoid actions, but Guzmán goes further to offer his opinion of the present issues facing the country, specifically neoliberalism’s assault on land, resources and people.

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