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37 Seconds(37セカンズ)

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Japan · 2019
1h 55m
Director Hikari
Starring Mei Kayama, Misuzu Kanno, Shunsuke Daitoh, Makiko Watanabe
Genre Drama

Yuma is a young Japanese woman who suffers from cerebral palsy. Torn between her obligations towards her family and her dream to become a manga artist, she struggles to lead a self-determined life.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Film Threat by Andy Howell

It achieves that magic combination of nuance, depth, and having a big heart that makes it both a crowd-pleaser and a favorite of critics.


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by Barry Hertz

Hikari’s work is well-meaning, and Kayama delivers an affecting, but not affected, performance that almost holds the story together. Eventually, though, the film loses confidence in itself.


The Hollywood Reporter by Deborah Young

Sentimentality and pathos are banned from Hikari’s screenplay, which surprises with its fresh, often humorous realism. This is one of those films that starts slowly and predictably, but when the turning point comes, it lifts the pic into another dimension.


Los Angeles Times by Kimber Myers

This isn’t the anodyne, awards-baiting film about disability that viewers might be used to; instead, Hikari’s feature debut is sensitive and empathetic, showing a young woman who is more than just her cerebral palsy. Yuma is a wildly creative, sexual person who deserves more than her society often gives her.

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