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A Hard Day's Night

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United Kingdom · 1964
Rated G · 1h 28m
Director Richard Lester
Starring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr
Genre Comedy, Music

The Beatles star as themselves in their first film, a comedy about their lives at the peak of Beatlemania. Chased by their fans, the band attempts to put on a TV concert while dealing with several unexpected problem, including trouble from Paul McCartney's mischievous grandfather.

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What are people saying?

Olivia Bauer Profile picture for Olivia Bauer

An incredibly fun film that showcases the fab four’s immense comedic and musical talent! A must watch for any Beatles fan.

What are critics saying?


Chicago Reader by

Lester serves up a helping of what, on this side of the pond, we came to think of as kicky, mod British filmmaking


Miami Herald by Howard Cohen

Lester managed to come up with a movie that not only holds together as a film but one that has proven timeless and rewards repeat viewings.


Los Angeles Times by Kenneth Turan

It enables us to recapture exactly the delightful sensations felt all those years ago when we and the world were young and exciting together.

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