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The Jacket

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Germany, United States · 2005
Rated R · 1h 43m
Director John Maybury
Starring Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Genre Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy

A military veteran goes on a journey into the future, where he can foresee his death and is left with questions that could save his life and those he loves.

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What are critics saying?


Chicago Tribune by

A gripping drama that will leave thoughtful cinemagoers wrestling with basic Big Questions.


L.A. Weekly by Chuck Wilson

The director's work is suitably unnerving, but leaves one feeling beaten senseless by reel two. When the hero's well-earned moment of clarity finally arrives, most will likely be too numbed out to care, despite the best efforts of Brody, an actor too vividly alive to be wasting his time playing dead.


Village Voice by Dennis Lim

A disappointing nosedive into the mainstream for John Maybury, the Derek Jarman acolyte who transitioned successfully from experimental work to features with 1998's hallucinatory Francis Bacon biopic "Love Is the Devil."


Film Threat by Eric Campos

You'll either walk away with a headache,or praising filmmaker John Maybury for his unique narrative...and it is unique, but in my eyes, it's also a big giant mess.


Entertainment Weekly by Owen Gleiberman

Director John Maybury has a feel for shock rhythms, and he's skillful at keeping you guessing, but after a while you want your questions to cohere into compelling answers, and in The Jacket they don't, quite.


Rolling Stone by Peter Travers

Though shot for maximum moodiness by the gifted Peter Deming ("Mulholland Drive"), the movie straps you in for a head trip that promises hallucinatory wonders but delivers the same old Hollywood formula with sugar on top.


The A.V. Club by Tasha Robinson

Still, the central mystery remains effective and compelling for most of the film, until it becomes clear that it's all image and no intent.

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