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The Full Monty

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United Kingdom, United States · 1997
Rated R · 1h 31m
Director Peter Cattaneo
Starring Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy, William Snape, Steve Huison
Genre Comedy

Sheffield, England. Gaz, a jobless steelworker in need of quick cash persuades his mates to bare it all in a one-night-only strip show.

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What are people saying?

Yasmeen Gaber Profile picture for Yasmeen Gaber

This was an unlikely hit that has earned its status as a cult classic. The movie manages to balance witty, dry humor and physical comedy. Even more, it uses that humor to tackle issues of masculinity, economic insecurity, depression, and divorce.

What are critics saying?


Christian Science Monitor by David Sterritt

Peter Cattaneo's comedy has brash and boisterous scenes, but its message about the humiliations of unemployment is serious and insightful, and applies far beyond the English setting of this story.


Los Angeles Times by Kevin Thomas

If you don't go expecting the depth and subtlety of a Mike Leigh working-class film, The Full Monty can be heart-warming fun with more serious undertones than you might have expected. [13 August 1997, Calendar, p.F-5]


Chicago Reader by Lisa Alspector

This wonderful 1997 comedy--about an unlikely group of men who are determined to strip to music rather than get day jobs--is genuinely effective at inverting gender stereotypes and other assumptions, and it's not the slightest bit heavy-handed.


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

The director, Peter Cattaneo, takes material that could would be at home in a sex comedy, and gives it gravity because of the desperation of the characters; we glimpse the home life of these men, who have literally been put on the shelf, and we see the wound to their pride.

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