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The Charmer(Charmøren)

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Denmark, Sweden


1h 40m

Director Milad Alami

Starring Ardalan Esmaili, Soho Rezanejad, Lars Brygmann, Susan Taslimi

Genre Drama, Thriller

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Esmail, a young Iranian man, desperately cruises nightclubs seducing a series of women in an effort to secure his citizenship in Denmark in this tightly wound psychological thriller that demonstrates the workings of an unjust immigration system.


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88 by Godfrey Cheshire

A sharply crafted drama that has elements of noirish suspense, the Danish-Swedish coproduction, which is distinguished by exceptionally fine performances by its three leading actors, offers an incisive, penetrating look at the psychological disorientation and dilemmas of people caught between cultures.

Variety by Guy Lodge

Alami and Ingeborg Topsøe’s finely whittled screenplay plays its revelations patiently, putting a lot of early trust in their leading man’s powers of silent implication and the serene foreboding of Sophia Olsson’s charcoal-streaked cinematography.

The Hollywood Reporter by Jonathan Holland

On the surface it is indeed a gentle, well-mannered and elegant affair, but its caustic undertow, which becomes increasingly apparent, ends up making the viewer angry about a world that seems hell-bent on finding divisions where there need be none.

Screen International by Mark Adams

Ardalan Esmaili and Soho Rezanejad give the film a real sense of compassion and depth, with their scenes together brimming with depth and a sense of shared history.

The New York Times by Wesley Morris

It’s impressive that Alami can put all this across — romance, suspense and, in the moving final act, a kind of tragedy — and maintain the movie’s nimbleness. But he’s a natural storyteller.