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Canada · 2018
Rated R · 1h 29m
Director Michael Peterson
Starring Munro Chambers, Michael Ironside, Kathleen Munroe, Krista Bridges
Genre Horror, Thriller

12 year old Henry is taken to his grandfather's rural home for a weekend while his parents are out of town. When his grandfather dies in the middle of the night, Henry finds himself alone on the isolated farm, targeted by a crazed psychopath and a dark family secret.

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What are critics saying?


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by Brad Wheeler

Knuckleball does not flutter; its pace and tone is lean, mean and eerie. Luca Villacis plays the home-alone little hero, a Rambo MacGyver Jr. in the making. Not all the kid’s ingenuity and wits are plausible, though, and a late-plot throw-in is a bit much. Still, there’s Ironside and enough cold-weather tension to make Knuckleball a swing-and-hit deal.


Original-Cin by Jim Slotek

What distinguishes Knuckleball from other thrillers involving children is the seeming reality of the peril portrayed.


Los Angeles Times by Noel Murray

For the most part, this is a tautly constructed exercise in suspense, set among striking-looking snowbound fields and farmhouses. It’s a vivid slice-of-life, even before the literal slicing begins.

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