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The Innocents(Les Innocentes)

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France, Poland · 2016
Rated PG-13 · 1h 55m
Director Anne Fontaine
Starring Lou de Laâge, Agata Buzek, Agata Kulesza, Vincent Macaigne
Genre Drama, History

Poland, 1945. Mathilde, a young French Red Cross doctor, is on a mission to help war survivors. When a nun asks for her help, she is brought to a convent where several pregnant sisters are hiding, unable to reconcile their faith with their pregnancy. Mathilde becomes their only hope.

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What are critics saying?


Village Voice by April Wolfe

Where "Ida" takes a drearier, more realistic approach to the story, The Innocents, despite its dark focus on a group of women living in fear of getting repeatedly raped by their allies, actually has a mightier finish, something of a crescendo to cut through the quiet grief.


The Hollywood Reporter by Boyd van Hoeij

Directed by French director Anne Fontaine (Two Mothers/Adore, Coco Before Channel), this is another gorgeously appointed but also slightly overly formal film, with a muted emotional payoff that, while appropriate for the story’s convent setting, doesn’t exactly make for must-see cinema.


New York Post by Farran Smith Nehme

The actors bring emotional authenticity to the aftermath of trauma, but despite that and the handsome cinematography, there is also a persistent phoniness.


The Film Stage by Jordan Raup

Despite an ending that is far too obvious and tidy, Agnus Dei is a moving drama about the struggle to keep one’s faith in the most difficult of situations.


Variety by Justin Chang

Hope and horror are commingled to quietly moving effect in Agnus Dei, a restrained but cumulatively powerful French-Polish drama about the various crises of faith that emerge when a house of God is ravaged by war.


The Playlist by Kevin Jagernauth

Director Anne Fontaine’s film is based on actual events and grapples with thorny questions that plague even the most zealous during times of crisis. It’s a pity, then, that this picture finds Fontaine compelled to find a resolution in a situation that seldom yields easy answers.


The A.V. Club by Mike D'Angelo

Like many historical dramas, unfortunately, this one depicts gripping events without bothering to craft a coherent viewpoint that lends them meaning.

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