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Troll Hunter(Trolljegeren)

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Norway · 2010
Rated PG-13 · 1h 43m
Director André Øvredal
Starring Otto Jespersen, Glenn Erland Tosterud, Johanna Mørck, Tomas Alf Larsen
Genre Fantasy, Horror

The government says there’s nothing to worry about: it’s just a problem with bears making trouble in the Norwegian forests. But local hunters don’t believe it, and neither do a trio of college students who want to find out the truth. Armed with a video camera, they trail a mysterious poacher in pursuit of trolls.

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What are critics saying?


Slant Magazine by

Injecting some down time to intimate a vast internal life is one thing, but needlessly approximating patches of wasted time is another, and Trollhunter's dully drawn characters suggest that the latter is closer to what André Øvredal came up with.


Time Out by Joshua Rothkopf

As with so many modern fantasy films, the sequences here seem designed to go viral on YouTube in a flash of coolness, not necessarily linger in the mind or heart.


Movieline by Michelle Orange

The casting of Jespersen, with his sub-Wookie intonations and granite stare, is key: If this pillar of masculinity says there be trolls, I don't have to be bitten by one to believe it.


Village Voice by Nick Pinkerton

As de-mythologizings go, Trollhunter has neither the wit, nor art, nor social insight to honor the legacy of George A. Romero's "Martin."


Entertainment Weekly by Owen Gleiberman

It was an effective choice to shoot these majestic creatures vérité-style, with a jittery camera, but Trollhunter, unfortunately, is such an under-imagined knockoff of The Blair Witch Project that whenever the trolls aren't on screen, it verges on tedium.


Observer by Rex Reed

The Trollhunter writers either have an abundance of imagination or they've been smoking a controlled substance.

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