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Gosford Park

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United Kingdom, United States, Italy · 2001
Rated R · 2h 11m
Director Robert Altman
Starring Helen Mirren, Clive Owen, Maggie Smith, Ryan Phillippe
Genre Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A wealthy couple invites friends and family to their country manor for a weekend of relaxation. The party turns into a murder mystery as one guest ends up dead and both the guests and the servants become suspects, revealing their complicated relationships.

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What are critics saying?


The New Yorker by David Denby

Altman achieves his dream of a truly organic form, in which everyone is connected to everyone else, and life circulates around a central group of ideas and emotions in bristling orbits. [14 Jan 2002, p. 92]


L.A. Weekly by Ella Taylor

At his best, Altman turns us into interlopers who have stumbled into a world that seems to predate us and persuades us it will continue to teem with life long after we leave the theater.


New York Post by Jonathan Foreman

It ranks among Robert Altman's best work ever, and that its many satisfactions derive in large part from a superbly written screenplay by Julian Fellowes that has no equal this year.


Baltimore Sun by Michael Sragow

What a relief to see a movie in which an audience responds with peals of laughter to subtle facial shifts as well as punch lines.


Variety by Todd McCarthy

Taking advantage of a splendid cast, a sharply focused script and the fresh English setting, "Gosford Park" emerges as one of the most satisfying of Robert Altman's numerous ensemble pictures.

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