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The Illusionist(L'illusionniste)

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France, United Kingdom · 2010
Rated PG · 1h 17m
Director Sylvain Chomet
Starring Jean-Claude Donda, Eilidh Rankin, Jacques Tati
Genre Animation, Drama

When magic can no longer compete with modern entertainment, a French illusionist finds himself out of work. He packs up his belongings and moves to Scotland, where he makes ends meet by performing at shabby pubs and restaurants. Everything changes when he meets Alice, who--unlike everyone else--still believes in his magic.

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What are critics saying?


Time Out by Keith Uhlich

Chomet builds this beguiling symphony of sadness to a poignant finale that does ample justice to the many layers of Tati's tale, both in text and out.


Entertainment Weekly by Lisa Schwarzbaum

The many fans of the uniquely droll 2003 animation Oscar nominee "The Triplets of Belleville" will recognize the inventive hand-drawn sensibilities of French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet in his loving and lovely new feature The Illusionist.


Observer by Rex Reed

A true masterpiece of visual enchantment. One of the most original and unique geniuses in cinema today, Mr. Chomet directed, wrote, illustrated and composed the music for this holiday jewel, an homage to the sweet, sad melancholia of the legendary French comic Jacques Tati.


Movieline by Stephanie Zacharek

The animation itself is technically gorgeous, a class act all the way. But there's so little to be found in the faces of the characters, or even in the way their limbs move (much of it adopted, cleverly enough, from Tati's own physical style), that it's not clear what we're supposed to feel for them.

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