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The Silent Partner

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Canada · 1978
Rated R · 1h 42m
Director Daryl Duke
Starring Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer, Susannah York, Céline Lomez
Genre Drama, Thriller

Miles Cullen is a bored teller at a bank in a Toronto mall who accidentally learns that his place of business is about to be robbed. Instead of informing his bosses or contacting the police, Miles cleverly devises a way of keeping the cash.

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Time Out by

If it weren't for the gimmicks (and the sadism is so gratuitous it could be nothing else), then the film could easily pass for a minor caper thriller of the '60s, all convoluted plot and calculated kookiness. But cyphers (both female leads) and question-marks (who'll get the money, who'll survive - who cares?) dominate the script as every labyrinthine twist becomes more plodding.


Slant Magazine by Derek Smith

Though Duke’s film lacks the warmth and humanism of Something Wild, it’s possessed of a similarly idiosyncratic edginess.


Washington Post by Gary Arnold

Before it takes an appalling turn for the vicious, The Silent Partner seems an uncommonly clever and gripping suspense thriller. Even after the story threatens to self-destruct, you fight the impulse to suffer a major letdown, for the sake of the swell nerve-racking time you've been having up to that point.

88 by Roger Ebert

A small but wonderful gem of a thriller: A film in which complicated people and a very complicated plot come together in a mechanism that leaves us marveling at its ingenuity.

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