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Enola Holmes 2

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United Kingdom, United States · 2022
2h 9m
Director Harry Bradbeer
Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Louis Partridge, Helena Bonham Carter
Genre Adventure, Crime, Mystery

Enola Holmes is back and now officially a detective investigating her first case: the mysterious disappearance of match girl Sarah Chapman. In order to solve the mystery, Enola works with her friends and her older brother, famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

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Enola Holmes 2 is tightly paced, leaving just enough breathing room for the characters to thrive and do what they do best. It is a film with a lot of moving parts, but not so many that the audience will lose track, and in that way, is a film deserving of a rewatch — or several.


The Guardian by Benjamin Lee

There’s more of the same in Enola Holmes 2, an equally boisterous romp that’s equally as hard to remember once it’s over but one that should keep its many fans engaged enough to warrant further sequels.


IndieWire by Kate Erbland

The film reunites most of the principal cast and crew of director Harry Bradbeer’s 2020 Netflix feature, “Enola Holmes,” and while that franchise-starter was frisky and fun, its followup rehashes the original’s charms (with wishy-washy results), while expanding elements that required no additional attention.


Total Film by Kevin Harley

Though the action and characters are sketchily served, Brown’s match-dry lead, Bradbeer’s brisk direction, and fine support casting make a persuasive case for Enola’s return.


The Hollywood Reporter by Lovia Gyarkye

Enola Holmes 2‘s shortcomings don’t wreck the film — it’s a serviceable sequel — but the tension between the topics the film tackles and the soft-pedaled approach is one that hopefully won’t haunt future projects.


Screen Rant by Molly Freeman

Those who enjoyed Cavill's Sherlock in Enola Holmes will be especially happy to see him more involved in the story of the sequel, but this remains Brown's franchise. She's become a powerhouse and continues to capitalize on her skill and charm to keep this film series engaging, and viewers will be won over by the better constructed mystery and delightful dynamic between the two Holmes siblings.


NME by Paul Bradshaw

Fizzing along nicely, even as it tips the two-hour mark, Enola Holmes 2 fits the mould it broke two years ago with a twisty murder mystery that’s well worth solving.


The Playlist by Rodrigo Perez

Despite the A-list team all returning for the sequel, the frisson is gone, and Enola Holmes 2 feels much more elementary, primary, and uninspired.

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