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The White Fortress(Tabija)

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Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1h 28m

Director Igor Drljača
Starring Pavle Čemerikić, Jasmin Geljo, Alban Ukaj, Izudin Bajrović
Genre Drama
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When a chance encounter brings together Faruk, a teenage orphan living with his grandmother in a rundown Sarajevo suburb, and Mona, a member of a wealthy, politically powerful family, they embark on a blossoming romance. The question remains as to whether the star-crossed lovers can overcome their backgrounds.


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Film Threat by Alex Saveliev

Does it lose focus from time to time? Sure, and its cumulative effect suffers because of it, but Drljača nails the little moments that matter.

The Film Stage by Jared Mobarak

A walk through the woods is thus the scenario that brings up the two genres. Mona sees promise and excitement being alone with Faruk while he sees the shadowy unknown harboring monsters ready to pounce. The film ultimately exposes that neither is true thanks to Drljaca’s decision to keep things firmly rooted in the uncertain volatility of reality—these teens crossing paths creating as much room for strife as joy in the grand scheme of things.

Variety by Jessica Kiang

The sad, wise heart of Drljača’s small, impressively controlled film condemns neither of them, but instead understands what horror stories and fairytales have in common: both are narratives in which the characters have no control, and are instead propelled by forces far bigger than they are, toward destinies they were born into that they cannot avert.

Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Drljaca gives this simple story just enough melodrama to get by, and frankly it could have used more. But it is an engrossing portrait of romance in a beautiful place not-that-many-decades removed from a genocidal civil war.