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Czech Republic · 2022
2h 6m
Director Petr Jákl
Starring Ben Foster, Sophie Lowe, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger
Genre History, Action, Drama

The story of 14th century Czech icon and warlord Jan Zizka who defeated armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire.

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What are critics saying?


Variety by Dennis Harvey

Medieval succeeds as a lively, handsome chunk of history (however freely imagined), with nary a dull moment between densely-packed intrigues, chases and battles.


The Seattle Times by Katie Walsh

Medieval is a film with an identity crisis, caught between its lowbrow sword-and-splatter charms and grander ambitions. As a quick and dirty 90-minute corker, it could have been a nice and nasty slice of genre filmmaking, but Jakl aims for something more epic in scope, and the film drags, easily 30 minutes too long.


The A.V. Club by Leigh Monson

Jákl’s film is precisely as generic as its title would suggest, and what little there is to recommend is buried under a mountain of tedium


Austin Chronicle by Matthew Monagle

Even if Medieval occasionally succumbs to its worst biopic influences, it’s still a delightfully confident work from a filmmaking team that knows its way around a sword.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

It’s all perfectly workmanlike, save for the fights, which are splendid. If Medieval Times are your jam (as they are mine), Medieval is worth a look and almost entertaining enough to get by.


We Got This Covered by Scott Campbell

Medieval works best when it throws dirt, mud, blood, and body parts at the screen, with the crunching battle scenes just about overcoming the narrative shortcomings.

38 by Simon Abrams

Medieval is a bleak and visually oversaturated allegory about the 15th century revolutionary Czech soldier turned military leader Jan Žižka (Ben Foster). There's blood and chainmail, yes, but it's also a self-serious allegory about duty and faith during miserable times.


Original-Cin by Thom Ernst

The violence in Medieval is fast, frequent and fierce and could possibly be the film's biggest draw. History might be the film's initial hook, but it's the movie's grisly depictions of military violence that the film will likely be remembered.

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