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The Living Daylights

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United Kingdom · 1987
Rated PG · 2h 10m
Director John Glen
Starring Timothy Dalton, Maryam d'Abo, Jeroen Krabbé, Joe Don Baker
Genre Action, Adventure, Thriller

James Bond helps a Russian General escape into the West. He soon finds out that the KGB wants to kill him for helping the General. A little while later. the General is kidnapped from the Secret Service leading 007 to be suspicious.

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What are critics saying?


TV Guide Magazine by

Director John Glen is an old hand at James Bond films, having worked on three other 007 movies. He knows this popular spy well and does him great service in this well-paced film.


ReelViews by James Berardinelli

I'll be among the first to admit that Timothy Dalton is a fine actor. But giving a solid performance has little to do with being a good James Bond, and, as accomplished as Dalton is, he's a failure as 007 in The Living Daylights.


Empire by Kim Newman

After the fizzle of the later Roger Moore Bonds, The Living Daylights brings in a new 007 in Timothy Dalton, who manages the Connery trick of seeming suave and tough at the same time, and tried to get away from the weak comedy in favour of proper international intrigue.


Chicago Reader by Pat Graham

Timothy Dalton stars as the 1987 model James Bond in this 15th entry in the series, with the usual assortment of dope smugglers, KGB operatives, and criminal psychos providing a few anxious moments at the welcoming party. Expect the expected.


Variety by Peter Debruge

With a hint of that my-way problem-solving approach, The Living Daylights freshens the Bond series’ cornball formula elements while reprising details that had made director John Glen’s debut, For Your Eyes Only, such a superior outing.


Rolling Stone by Peter Travers

Dalton has training in classical theater; he has pedigree, looks, class. But as Bond he is – face it – dull as dirt. Too much spoofing is bad (see Moore), none is deadly (see Dalton).


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

Without a great Bond girl, a great villain or a hero with a sense of humor, The Living Daylights belongs somewhere on the lower rungs of the Bond ladder. But there are some nice stunts.

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