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24 Frames

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Iran, France · 2017
1h 54m
Director Abbas Kiarostami
Genre Documentary

An experimental project made by filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami in the last three years of his life. Working to bridge the gap between filmmaking and photography, he reconstructs the moments before and after a photo is taken. This became a collection of 24 short four-and-a-half minute films, inspired by still images, including paintings and photographs.

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What are critics saying?


The Playlist by Bradley Warren

24 Frames snaps still-life photography out of its stasis, giving its images a brief history and miniature stories, even if it’s just the movement of cows in and out of a shot.


The Atlantic by David Sims

Even by Kiarostami’s standards, this is a daringly, charmingly tedious piece of cinema, one pushing at the boundaries of what you could even call a “movie.”


The Film Stage by Giovanni Marchini Camia

Although the animation effect is for the most part quite well-rendered and the animals are brought to life with impressive fluidity, there always remains a slightly jarring artificiality that prevents the viewer from fully sinking into the focused and contemplative spectatorship mode he’d intended.


Village Voice by Michael Atkinson

We like cows and crows and snow, but it’s Kiarostami’s phenomenological presence that somehow turns every image or camera posture into a question about living, seeing, empathy, and essence.


The A.V. Club by Mike D'Angelo

It’s at once inspiring and heartbreaking to see a master with nothing left to prove still pushing the envelope in the final years of his life. He had plenty left to give us.


The Guardian by Xan Brooks

Yes, 24 Frames is rigorously experimental; it demands patience and engagement. But this haunted ghost-film had me completely entranced.

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