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The Time That Remains(الزمن الباقي)

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United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium · 2009
Rated PG-13 · 1h 49m
Director Elia Suleiman
Starring Saleh Bakri, Elia Suleiman, Amer Hlehel, Ali Suliman
Genre Drama, History

This semi-biographical film depicts the creation of the state of Israel from 1948 through to the present day. The daily lives of the Palestinians who remained and were labelled "Israeli-Arabs," living as a minority in their own homeland, are examined. A timely and timeless film full of comedy and a quiet, righteous fury.

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What are critics saying?


Village Voice by

Suleiman's a more assured director than he is a comedian. But individual, Tati-worthy gags still have great power.


Variety by Derek Elley

As in "Divine," there's an uneven quality to Suleiman's often surreal ideas, but in general there are way more hits than misses this time round, some of them laugh-out-loud.


IndieWire by Eric Kohn

Suleiman's most poignant moments are largely wordless. Nothing feels more affecting than Suleiman's ubiquitous frozen stare. Although he never utters a sound, his silence speaks volumes about the inability to resolve the social ramifications of Middle Eastern strife.


Time Out by Joshua Rothkopf

Suleiman can be criticized for failing, ever so slightly, at crafting an overall structure-his latest, based on his dad's diary and other memories, is an autobiographical story of exile and return that skips like a stone over water, fleetly but not so deeply. Still, this is a welcome example of kitsch wedded to serious indictment.

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