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Belgium, France · 2016
2h 7m
Director Felix van Groeningen
Starring Stef Aerts, Tom Vermeir, Dominique Van Malder, Ben Benaouisse
Genre Drama

Two estranged brothers come together to open Belgica, a pub and dancehall that quickly becomes a hotspot for nightlife in Ghent. Swept up in their success, the brothers indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. But the fun eventually starts to fade, and their brotherhood turns into rivalry.

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The Film Stage by Daniel Schindel

Taking a straightforward approach isn’t necessarily a negative, but the sedate camerawork and editing make the movie’s progression staid. Even the musical moments are invigorating due to the music itself, and not by how it’s presented.


Screen International by Graham Fuller

Van Groeningen conveys kinetically the combined power of a ferocious beat, copious drugs, and sexual energy to endow revellers with transient communal utopianism.


The Guardian by Lanre Bakare

Anyone who has pushed things a bit too far, and woken up with one too many “wtf” mornings, will appreciate how close Belgica has got to replicating hedonism going off the rails.


Variety by Peter Debruge

Big-picture cliches aside, this truth-blurring but thoroughly convincing portrait makes its case via the details.


The Playlist by Russ Fischer

Belgica is just like its characters, unwilling to shake a fascination with superficial pleasures to dive into any significant interactions.


The Hollywood Reporter by Todd McCarthy

Its fleeting intoxications momentarily provide suggestions—and, for some, memories—of how the highest highs can sometimes make the drudgery of the rest of life worth it.

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