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Black Mama, White Mama

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Philippines, United States · 1973
Rated R · 1h 27m
Director Eddie Romero
Starring Pam Grier, Margaret Markov, Sid Haig, Lynn Borden
Genre Action

When two troublemaking female prisoners — one a revolutionary, the other a former harem-girl — can't seem to get along, they are chained together and extradited for safekeeping. The women, still chained together, stumble, stab, and cat-fight their way across the wilderness, igniting a bloody shootout between gangsters and a group of revolutionaries.

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Slant Magazine by Clayton Dillard

Black Mama, White Mama became a key reference point for postmodern mash-up artists like Quentin Tarantino and Neveldine/Taylor, but the film’s socio-political jungle is not all fun-and-grindhouse games.

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