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The Stonebreaker(Spaccapietre)

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Italy, France, Belgium · 2020
1h 44m
Director Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio
Starring Salvatore Esposito, Samuele Carrino, Antonella Carone, Giuseppe Lo Console
Genre Drama

After a serious accident Giuseppe is out of work. His son Antò dreams of being an archaeologist and thinks his father's glass eye is a sign he has superpowers. It's just the two of them now, since their beloved wife and mother Angela collapsed and died while working in the fields. Now they've lost their home, too, and have taken shelter in a tent city with other seasonal workers. Through all this, Giuseppe still summons up the strength to hug his son every night and tell him a story. He's promised Antò he will have his mother back, one day, and will do anything to keep his promise.

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