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Diary of a Chambermaid(Le journal d'une femme de chambre)

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France, Italy · 1964
1h 37m
Director Luis Buñuel
Starring Jeanne Moreau, Georges Géret, Michel Piccoli, Françoise Lugagne
Genre Crime, Drama

Celestine, a young chambermaid, decides to quit her job after the death of her father. But when a young girl is raped and murdered, Celestine believes that the groundskeeper, Joseph, is guilty, and stays on in order to prove it —but things do not go as planned. Based on Octave Mirbeau's 1900 novel of the same name.

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Zoe Rogan Profile picture for Zoe Rogan

My favorite Buñuel movie, part of an impeccable run of films he made in the 1960s and 1970s. Diary of a Chambermaid is an excellent adaptation of an equally delightfully subversive and radical novel, bringing Buñuel's own spin to the story, focusing on some of the darker parts of the novel. Jeanne Moreau is radiant as ever, and Michel Piccoli makes for a great bumbling and ridiculous aristocratic lecher.

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