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Hit the Road(جاده خاکی)

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Iran · 2022
1h 33m
Director Panah Panahi
Starring Hassan Madjooni, Pantea Panahiha, Rayan Sarlak, Amin Simiar
Genre Drama

Panah Panahi's debut is the story of a family on a road trip through northwestern Iran in a borrowed SUV. Between squabbling over seats, singing along to the radio, and enduring long stretches of boredom, the family bonds as they keep the illness of their sick dog and their true destination a secret from their youngest son.

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What are critics saying?


The Playlist by Elena Lazic

Panahi manages to keep an impressive amount of plates spinning all at once in Hit the Road, a breath of fresh air and a truly original work that marks him as a talent to watch.


Variety by Jessica Kiang

Like this extraordinary, ordinary family, latticed together by love yet supremely alive in their own individual hearts, Panah Panahi is not just part of a tradition, but his own filmmaker, finding new resonances in territory so familiar its power to surprise should have been thoroughly exhausted by now, but that here feels like a whole new universe.


CineVue by John Bleasdale

Hit the Road is damned near to being a masterpiece – if it isn’t simply one already. There are scenes of broad comedy, musical sequences and a wholly tragic episode that plays out in a long wide-shot. The wonderful cast inhabit their roles so fully it’s hard to believe this is not a bona fide family.


The Hollywood Reporter by Jordan Mintzer

You can feel Panahi drifting away from his director forefathers, including his own father, testing out new ideas and methods to see if they suit him, trying to find a different way to express himself. Like the older son in Hit the Road, he’s bravely venturing off into unknown territory for his first movie — although he also keeps one foot firmly planted in the past, creating the kind of quiet miracles Iranian cinema is known for.

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