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Boiling Point

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United Kingdom · 2021
1h 32m
Director Philip Barantini
Starring Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson, Alice May Feetham, Hannah Walters
Genre Drama, Thriller

Head chef Andy Jones balances along a knife's edge as multiple crises threaten to destroy everything he's worked for. A surprise health and safety inspection sets his kitchen crew on edge as the overbooked hot spot fills with guests. Jones tries his best to diffuse tensions between management and crew while catering to the ridiculous demands of customers.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Screen Daily by

To the credit of all concerned, however the one-take approach feels appropriate and organic, rather than gimmicky or stunt-like.


Variety by Guy Lodge

There’s a barreling momentum to the filmmaking that feels true to the cut and thrust of restaurant life, regardless of the script’s digressions.


The Playlist by Kevin Jagernauth

Boiling Point is a temperature-raising restaurant drama whose heightening series of personal and professional stakes will immediately plunge you into a flop sweat.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

The explosively potent Graham does deliver a colossal, intimate ending, acted with complete and affecting sincerity. He has presence, potency and force.


TheWrap by Robert Abele

Graham, Robinson, and Barantini’s thematic concerns about how restaurants work are strong enough ingredients. It’s too bad they’ve been subjected to the one-note flavoring of a single-take movie.

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