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Austria · 2022
1h 50m
Director Magdalena Lauritsch
Starring Julia Franz Richter, Mark Ivanir, George Blagden, Nicholas Monu
Genre Science Fiction, Thriller

The company soldier Hannah and the scientists Gavin and Dimitri are researching an algae project on board the RUBIKON space station, which is supposed to permanently supply humanity with oxygen and food. But suddenly the earth disappears below them in a brown, toxic fog and all contact is broken off - are they the last survivors of humanity? Should they initiate the safe station, dare the return flight and thereby risk their lives?

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What are critics saying?


Polygon by Oli Welsh

Rubikon’s plot crash-lands while its sincere intentions are left spinning fruitlessly in space, looking for a way back down.

63 by Simon Abrams

Rubikon never offers viewers deep answers to its bigger questions, but it does pose enough questions to keep things moving while you watch.

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