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Terribly Happy(Frygtelig lykkelig)

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Denmark · 2008
1h 30m
Director Henrik Ruben Genz
Starring Jakob Cedergren, Lene Maria Christensen, Kim Bodnia, Lars Brygmann
Genre Drama, Thriller

Robert Hanson is a police officer in Copenhagen who, following a mistake on the job, is transferred to the small town South Jutland as the new Marshall. The townspeople operate with a sense of vigilante justice, and Robert must navigate these new challenges while trying to get a fresh start in his job and in his life.

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What are critics saying?


The A.V. Club by Noel Murray

This is a smart, melancholy crime picture, which takes its cues from the title of the perverse old standard Christensen plays on her stereo at night: “You Always Hurt The One You Love.”


New York Post by V.A. Musetto

The actors are charmingly low-key, and the lensing, by Jorgen Johansson, adds to the offbeat aura. Whatever you do, don't miss the booze-guzzling showdown.

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