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Run Rabbit Run

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Australia · 2023
1h 40m
Director Daina Reid
Starring Sarah Snook, Lily LaTorre, Greta Scacchi, Damon Herriman
Genre Horror, Thriller

When her young daughter starts exhibiting strange and startling behavior, a fertility doctor with a long-held sense of the rigid differences between life and death must not only confront the values and beliefs she has always held, but she must contend with a ghost from her past.

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What are critics saying?


Film Threat by Alex Saveliev

Bolstered by Mark Bradshaw and Marcus Whale’s electronic drone soundtrack and Bonnie Elliott’s atmospheric cinematography, Run Rabbit Run could’ve used some more forward momentum. It lacks outright scares and novelty but makes up for it in some psychological depth. Reid’s film may not reach the profundity it strives for, but how many horror titles even strive for anything these days?


CNN by Brian Lowry

The story certainly doesn’t break new ground, and given the modest nature of the movie, there’s a bit of impatience to get where it’s going; still, thanks to Snook and LaTorre’s beyond-her-years performance it’s never less than watchable.


Paste by Brianna Zigler

Run Rabbit Run never gets past the sensation of being a Mad Libs horror movie, where those blank spaces are filled in with the most obvious tropes.


Collider by Chase Hutchinson

While Snook does all she can to give the experience some heft, Run Rabbit Run is a horror film in search of something greater others have already achieved that it is never able to find.


Rolling Stone by David Fear

It’s capable of quickly upshifting from tense to intense, and also of having the appearance of a scary movie rather than being one.


The Irish Times by Donald Clarke

Not everything works here. Too much is overfamiliar. But Run Rabbit Run retains a clammy grip throughout. Definitely worth a stream.


Slashfilm by Erin Brady

While Snook and LaTorre give it their all, Run Rabbit Run is just another example of a movie not working unless it knows what it wants to be.


Screen Rant by Graeme Guttmann

Unfortunately, Run Rabbit Run is less than the sum of its parts, and even an excellent turn from Sarah Snook can't elevate the movie beyond its basest instincts.


Film Total by James Mottram

Sadly, a generic script doesn’t aid the film’s overall ambitions. A little less than the sum of its parts, Run Rabbit Run is ultimately more intriguing than outright terrifying.


New York Times by Jeannette Catsoulis

Gloomy and vague, Run Rabbit Run is a moody, noncommittal tease replete with the usual spectral signifiers: clammy dreams, scary drawings, unsettling masks. Snook does everything but rend her garments in a performance that only emphasizes the busy vapidity of Hannah Kent’s script.


Variety by Jessica Kiang

What it lacks in thematic newness, Run Rabbit Run makes up for in the sophistication of its moment-to-moment scarifying and its performances from Sarah Snook and outstanding newcomer Lily LaTorre.


The Playlist by Marya E. Gates

Run Rabbit Run does nothing to transcend its influences, finds nothing insightful to say about the various familial relationships its fails to explore, traps its talented cast in unmemorable characters, and — worst of all for a horror film — contains no scenes that are truly chilling and or any imagery that will stick in the viewer’s mind once the film is over.


The Guardian by Michael Sun

Snook, of course, is typically excellent, fresh from her turn as Succession’s petulant, scheming Shiv Roy in another spiky role here – but even her performance, as it heightens towards a crazed delirium, recalls Toni Collette’s in Hereditary.

75 by Monica Castillo

Run Rabbit Run is a solid, spooky tale without anything too flashy like a Babadook to haunt our dreams and memes but chilling enough to make us sit up in our chairs and scan the screen for the next sign of danger.


Los Angeles Times by Noel Murray

Sarah Snook gives a riveting performance as a mother going mad in Run Rabbit Run, a psychological thriller that’s mostly effective, even though its story is familiar and somewhat threadbare.


Chicago Sun-Times by Richard Roeper

It’s a great-looking ride with a few legitimate jump-scares and some suitably chilling imagery, but the finale leaves us frustrated and let down, wondering: Is that all there is?


IndieWire by Ryan Lattanzio

A predictably terrific Sarah Snook goes full-blown feral in the Australian horror movie Run Rabbit Run, but its final-act destination isn’t enough to justify the journey.

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