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The Zero Hour(La hora cero)

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Venezuela · 2010
1h 42m
Director Diego Velasco
Starring Zapata 666, Amanda Key, Erich Wildpret, Marisa Román
Genre Thriller, Drama

The Zero Hour tells the story of the La Parca (Zapata 666), a fearsome assassin who is forced to kidnap a private clinic to save the love of his life, Ladydi (Amanda Key). They soonreached the police and a media circus with them, who make our character into a national hero.La Parca finds that saving the life of Ladydi be difficult, but escaped with his followers will be an almost impossible task. Time starts to run out, and what seemed like a perfect plan will end in a frantic ending where La Parca is forced to confront past mistakes, and discover that their worst enemies are closer than he imagined.

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