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A Son(Bik Eneich - Un Fils)

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Tunisia, France, Lebanon · 2019
1h 35m
Director Mehdi M. Barsaoui
Starring Sami Bouajila, Najla Ben Abdallah

Fares and Meriem take their son Aziz on a weekend trip to Tatouine, where they are the accidental victims of a violent fundamentalist group. While the parents go unharmed, Aziz is gravely wounded. Fares and Meriem must do everything in their power to save him, even if it means uncovering old wounds from their own past.

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Yasmeen Gaber Profile picture for Yasmeen Gaber

This film is a layered commentary on marriage, family life, medical practices, and life in post-revolution Tunisia. Thematic messages are evoked subtly through an effortless plot and and an intense psychological examination of the main characters. The acting performances put this film over the top and make this film a must-watch.