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Ernie & Joe

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United States · 2019
1h 36m
Director Jenifer McShane
Starring Ernie Stevens, Joe Smarro
Genre Documentary

Ernie & Joe are two officers with the San Antonio Police Department who are diverting people away from jail and into mental health treatment — one 911 call at a time. The documentary chronicles their daily encounters with people in crisis, showing their innovative approach to policing which takes mental health into account.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Film Threat by Bobby LePire

To be perfectly honest, as a movie Ernie And Joe is a somewhat routine affair. Follow subjects, interview subjects, point, shoot, move on. And most of the time that would be a problem, creating a lack of engagement or energy. However, McShane is intelligent enough to realize that trying to add pizazz to what is being portrayed here, especially in this particular climate of police relations with citizens, would ring hollow. ... Ernie And Joe struck a deeply personal core with me, as I am sure it will with most audience members.


Los Angeles Times by Kevin Crust

Moving in its humanity and forceful in its pragmatism, the documentary feels like essential viewing, especially for decision makers with the power to enact similar initiatives.


The Hollywood Reporter by Sheri Linden

As well as building a strong case, through example, of the implications for towns and cities across the country, the film delivers telling glimpses of the personal day-to-day coping mechanisms of the cops themselves.