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The Wild Chicks and Life(Die Wilden Hühner und das Leben)

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Germany · 2008
1h 48m
Director Vivian Naefe
Starring Michelle von Treuberg, Lucie Hollmann, Sonja Gerhardt, Jette Hering
Genre Comedy, Family

The main protagonists are four – later five – girls: Sprotte (Charlotte), who is the spunky yet friendly main narrator, her best friend Frieda, a level-headed girl who is a member of Terre des hommes, shy and bespectacled Trude, who is unsure because of her obesity, and her best friend, the beautiful, shallow and vain, yet amicable Melanie. Later, they are joined by Wilma, a tough boys-hating tomboy, who is later revealed as a lesbian.

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