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United Kingdom · 2018
1h 41m
Director Matt Palmer
Starring Jack Lowden, Martin McCann, Tony Curran, Ian Pirie
Genre Thriller

Lifelong friends Marcus and Vaughn head up to an isolated Scottish Highlands village for a weekend hunting trip. Quickly, their weekend sojourn descends into a never-ending nightmare as they attempt to cover up a horrific hunting accident.

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What are critics saying?


The New York Times by Glenn Kenny

The character dynamics are recognizable in the way they hew to genre conventions. But the details provided in the writing, and by the two leads’ performances, add distinctive details and dimension here. This makes the film’s harrowing action all the more believable.


Variety by Guy Lodge

If nothing here is exactly new, it’s the sheer, breathless precision and momentum of Calibre’s assembly that keeps it startling.


CineVue by Jamie Neish

Calibre is a thriller, but one that’s rooted in reality rather than the fantastical or absurd; edgy and tragic.


The Guardian by Leslie Felperin

On a beat-by-beat basis, writer-director Matt Palmer’s feature debut skates close to the edge of cliche – only to swerve suddenly in an interesting new direction almost every time.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Matt Palmer’s film is an engrossing but unsurprising swirl of self-preservation instincts, grief, panic and terror. It achieves pulse-pounding only once, and rarely strays from the predictable path set for it.


Screen International by Wendy Ide

The smouldering animosity of an impoverished small town towards two outsiders, combined with the contained tension as a precarious alibi collapses, one chance event at a time, means that the film should resonate with audiences looking for effective genre material.

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