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Gaspard at the Wedding(Gaspard va au mariage)

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France, Belgium · 2018
1h 43m
Director Antony Cordier
Starring Félix Moati, Laetitia Dosch, Christa Théret, Johan Heldenbergh
Genre Comedy, Drama

After keeping a careful distance for many years, 25-year-old Gaspard must renew contact with his family when his father remarries. Accompanied by Laura, an eccentric young woman who agrees to pretend she's his girlfriend at the wedding, he finally feels ready to set foot in the zoo owned by his parents, where he is reunited with the monkeys and tigers he grew up with... But with a father who is an out-of-control womanizer, a brother who is far too sensible, and a sister who is far too beautiful, he unknowingly sets himself up to experience the last days of his childhood.

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