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Playing with Love(Maladolescenza)

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West Germany, Italy · 1977
Rated R · 1h 34m
Director Pier Giuseppe Murgia
Starring Lara Wendel, Éva Ionesco, Martin Loeb, Xylot
Genre Drama

Laura and Fabrizio have been meeting every summer in the forest by her parent's summer home. Fabrizio is a solitary boy with only his dog for company; Laura a sweet but unconfident child. This summer new aspects enter into their story as both are growing up. Laura is falling in love with Fabrizio, while he displays a new sexual awareness of her masked by his malice. Things develop further when they meet Sylvia who, unlike the innocent Laura, is confident and assertive. Fabrizio develops a fascination with her, eventually bribing Laura to fetch her to the forest to join them in play.

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