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F for Fake(Vérités et Mensonges)

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France, Iran, West Germany · 1973
Rated PG · 1h 29m
Director Orson Welles
Starring Orson Welles, Elmyr de Hory, Clifford Irving, Oja Kodar
Genre Documentary

In his final film, Orson Welles documents the lives of infamous fakers Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving. De Hory was infamous for forging artworks by painters like Picasso and Matisse, and Irving gained is reputation from writing a fake Howard Hughes autobiography.

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What are critics saying?


Total Film by Kevin Harley

The greatest trick he pulls is making you think he’s not genuine: beneath befuddling, bracing digressions on Picasso, Howard Hughes, biography, confidence tricks, growing beards and “girl-watching” lies a searching interrogation of ideas of authorship.


The A.V. Club by Nathan Rabin

A loving tribute to chicanery, deception, misdirection, scoundrels, sleight of hand, con artistry, dishonesty, and flimflammery in all its myriad guises. It is, in other words, a valentine to filmmaking in general, and its larger-than-life creator in particular.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

F for Fake is a minor work in some ways, but there is fascination and poignancy in seeing Welles's elegant retreat into this hall of mirrors.


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

F For Fake is minor Welles, the master idly tuning his instrument while the concert seems never to start again. But it's engaging and fun, and it's astonishing how easily Welles spins a movie out of next to nothing.

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