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Fantozzi The Return(Fantozzi - Il ritorno)

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Italy · 1996
1h 37m
Director Neri Parenti
Starring Paolo Villaggio, Milena Vukotić, Gigi Reder, Maria Cristina Maccà
Genre Comedy

Ugo Fantozzi has been ejected from Heaven and is sent back to Earth for a short period of time until the staff in Heaven can get Fantozzi a place there. Fantozzi goes through a variety of unfortunate experiences, such as rescuing his retro punk granddaughter Uga, and having to pay a vast telephone bill due to frequent chat line conversations. He ends up getting arrested instead of his ex-boss, who was originally charged with corruption. Just as he is about to enjoy the World Cup Final with Italy, he is called back into Heaven. Can he find peace once again?

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