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Zero Fucks Given(Rien à foutre)

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France, Belgium · 2022
1h 50m
Director Emmanuel Marre, Julie Lecoustre
Starring Adèle Exarchopoulos, Alexandre Perrier, Mara Taquin, Jean-Benoît Ugeux
Genre Comedy, Drama

Cassandre, 26, works as a flight attendant for a budget airline. She lives from day to day and goes from flight to party without a thought to the future. Though she fully recognizes herself in the motto of her company, "the world does not wait," she can’t help wondering: where is she really headed?

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What are critics saying?


IndieWire by David Ehrlich

Zero Fucks Given is refreshingly unwilling to be prescriptive or teach Cassandre any moral lessons, but it often struggles to crystallize how she finds the strength to seize control over her own flightplan.


The Playlist by Elena Lazic

Lecoustre and Marre have the good sense to avoid ending the film on too positive a note — their protagonist has carried her grief for a long time, and she will not let it go overnight — but in delicate, truthful touches, they suggest for her the possibility of a future


The Hollywood Reporter by Jordan Mintzer

Despite its title and wayward protagonist, the film actually cares quite a lot about portraying the world that Cassandre, and most of the rest of us, now live in, but rarely look at so carefully.

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