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Australia, United States · 2022
1h 38m
Director Matthew Reilly
Starring Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Belinda Jombwe
Genre Action, Thriller, Adventure

When sixteen nuclear missiles are launched at the US, and a violent coordinated attack simultaneously threatens her remote missile interceptor station, one Army lieutenant must utilize her years of tactical training and military expertise to save humanity as we know it.

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What are critics saying?


The Guardian by Benjamin Lee

While it’s not going to make a star of Pataky or anyone watching a sudden convert to Netflix’s mockbuster oeuvre, it’ll make for a decent summer snack until something better lands.

63 by Brian Tallerico

It is such an old-fashioned action film that it practically plays like a discarded Chuck Norris script, just with some modern gender politics and social issues in play (although someone like Cynthia Rothrock could have easily headlined almost exactly the same film in the ‘80s).


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

A cut-rate cast, green director and a script so bad it wouldn’t attract betters actors or directors is no way to rebuild public confidence in your business, or its “Netflix Original” movies.

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