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The Killer(喋血雙雄)

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Hong Kong · 1989
Rated R · 1h 50m
Director John Woo
Starring Chow Yun-Fat, Danny Lee Sau-Yin, Sally Yeh, Paul Chu Kong
Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Jefferey is the best mob assassin in Hong Kong, viewing his job as a vocation. When he accidentally blinds a woman during a hit, he resolves to retire in disgrace, doing one last job to pay for her surgery. However, when it appears Jefferey has been double crossed, his plans fall apart, forcing him to team with an unlikely ally.

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Austin Chronicle by

This is tragedy at its most hilarious and comedy to break your heart; sweet violence in a hellish fairy tale.


Empire by Alan Morrison

John Woo's trademark style reached its zenith in The Killer, with its ying-yang relationship between a good-hearted hit man and an anti-authority cop. But underneath the Miami Vice tailoring, it's as much a doomed romance as a shoot-'em-up.


Chicago Reader by Jonathan Rosenbaum

A lot of claims have been made for this campy bloodbath concerto (1989) by Hong Kong director John Woo, and I must admit that he's even better than Brian De Palma at delivering emotional and visceral excess with staccato relentlessness.


LarsenOnFilm by Josh Larsen

For all the bullets that are spent, The Killer spends just as much time ruminating on the likes of honor, friendship and even the allure of guns themselves. “Easy to pick up,” Chow observes at one point, “difficult to put down.” The Killer is hardly a cautionary tale, but contrary to what its blunt title implies, it is a complicated one.


The New York Times by Stephen Holden

The scenes of gore and destruction are even more spectacular than Hong Kong's fog-shrouded skyline. The director repeatedly places the viewer at the center of the crossfire and turns the gyrating camera into the next best thing to a lethal weapon.

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