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Too Late to Die Young(Tarde para morir joven)

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Chile, Brazil, Argentina · 2019
1h 50m
Director Dominga Sotomayor
Starring Demian Hernández, Antar Machado, Magdalena Tótoro, Matías Oviedo
Genre Drama

Chile, 1990. A small group of families creates an isolated community right below the Andes to start their new lives following the end of the dictatorship. In this time of change and reckoning,16-year-old Sofia, Lucas, and 10-year-old Clara struggle with first loves and fears as they prepare a big party for New Year's Eve.

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What are critics saying?


Screen International by Allan Hunter

A saga of complicated relationships, longings and heartbreak sometimes strains to fully develop all its disparate elements. Yet this is still an ambitious feat of storytelling delivered with a sensitivity to mood and emotion.


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by Barry Hertz

The director simply trusts that his performers and sun-dappled visuals will carry the film forward. And he’s right – there’s little narrative propulsion to Too Late to Die Young, yet it hums along with a vibrant humanity all the same.


The Hollywood Reporter by Boyd van Hoeij

Though more an atmospheric and sensorial experience than strictly a narrative one, this languorous and handsomely produced (by Call Me by Your Name producer Rodrigo Teixeira) feature is a lovingly textured addition to the coming-of-age genre.


IndieWire by Eric Kohn

It’s an impressive illustration of a director in command of the medium, but more than that, points to the potential in whatever she does next.


Variety by Jay Weissberg

While the film is perhaps longer than necessary, and the adult characters could use some fleshing out, this is a satisfying sensorial work.


The Film Stage by Leonardo Goi

Perceptively, the mix of hope and anxieties permeating the commune serves as an allegory that stretches far beyond the cordillera. Political commentaries abound all throughout Too Late to Die Young, but Sotomayor parcels them out with jaw-dropping subtlety.

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