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Portrait of a Nude Woman(Nudo di donna)

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Italy, France · 1981
1h 52m
Director Nino Manfredi, Alberto Lattuada
Starring Nino Manfredi, Eleonora Giorgi, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Georges Wilson
Genre Romance, Comedy

Sandro is a Roman adrift in Venice during Carnival. As he enters midlife, he argues with his wife of sixteen years more often than they laugh or make love. She's had enough of his moods, so they separate so he can sort out his mind. His first night away, he sees a photograph of a nude; the image resembles his wife. He searches for the model, whose name is Riri. He finds her, and she looks exactly like his wife, except that Riri is a gaily attired prostitute and Laura is a self-contained antiquarian bookseller. Are they two women, are they one, and in the masquerade of Carnival, what is real?

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